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Movie Review - The Messenger

The Messenger tells the story of US Army Staff Sergeant Montgomery (Ben Foster), injured during a tour of duty he is assigned to the Casualty Notification Service along with Officer Stone (Woody Harrelson). Montgomery is a decorated war hero who is sent to deliver death messages to the next of kin of fallen soldiers, a constant struggle as he is still dealing with his own post war demons. I have been waiting to watch this film for such a long time but unfortunately I missed its limited theatrical release here in Sydney. Thankfully Madman have released this wonderful and dramatic film on both Blu-Ray and DVD.

Back in Action

Hi folks, sorry I haven't posted in the last two weeks but I have been extremely busy with my day job. Papa's gotta pay the bills! Now I'm back and as motivated as ever, stay tuned for more news, more reviews and more interviews from me, the Geek of Oz and some of my very special friends!