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Partisan - review

Reminiscent of Dogtooth and Hanna, but unfortunately not as interesting - #10wordreviews

- Stu

In select cinemas, if you see the film and agree or disagree drop a comment below.

Tomorrowland - Review

Entertaining family-style film, although third act has some issues. #10wordreviews

- Stu

In cinemas Thursday the 28th of May. If you see the film and agree or disagree feel free to drop your thoughts below.

San Andreas - Review

Tensionless film, which starts strong but quickly descends into farce - Stu #10wordreviews.

In cinemas Thursday the 28th of May. If you see the film and agree or disagree feel free to drop your thoughts below.

Read, Watch, Play! Episode two: Madly in love with Mad Max

Hey Guys!

 Here it is, episode two of Read, watch, play! Available now on iTunes and Podomatic!

Just Stu and lil ol' me this week as Billy and Chris had 'real life responsibilities'.Pffffffft.

As the title suggests we talk all about Mad Max Road Fury. And by talk I actually mean gush. Like all over the place. Repeatedly. We really, really, really really, really dig this film. Plus Stu
squeezes in some quick reviews of Tommorrowland and Women in Gold and I blab about comics for a bit. In case you haven't picked it up, this is very much a 'watch' heavy episode.

If that wasn't enough to have you salivating and rushing to download the podcast then surely this will: WE HAVE ANOTHER COMPETITION!!!!! Yay Free stuff!!! obviously you have to listen to the podcast to find out how to enter.

Like last episode we say shit a few more times and there is a bit of innuendo  (Stu and I were alone in a room together, what were you expecting!??!?) so just an FYI. However unlike…

Press Play - N64 Mario Kart Tournament

For those of you who love beer and competitive Mario Kart (which I hope is everyone) you’d better polish up those red turtle shells, grab a handful of lighting and get your butt to this awesome event!

PRESS PLAY will be a retro themed night combining various forms of live entertainment: Gaming, music, art and fashion into one jam packed night of excitement.

The central focus of PRESS PLAY will be the Mario Kart Nintendo 64 tournament, consisting of 16 teams of 4. The night will also feature music from a selection of popular DJ’s and live art from Mr. Sweet & Bethany Smith as well as prizes for best dressed (Gaming/Retro themed). There will also be gaming consoles for casual gamers to partake in.

Sponsored by Red Bull, Little Creatures Brewery, Domino’s Pizza and The Gamesmen, which means that there will be FREE food & beverages for patrons.

All important details are as follows:


Location: Level 2, 171 Victoria St, Potts Point
Date: 30th May 2015

Project CARS (PS4) Review

I mentioned, back in my brief look at it in August last year, that Project CARS felt like the racing world's answer to Dark Souls. It was a solid and unforgiving racing simulator that rewarded patient players who could get a handle on complex controls and customisation options. This was the kind of game where you could tweak your tires to a T, where if you didn't know the ins and outs of your vehicle you were liable to veer out of control very quickly, and where, yes, you could indeed drive around Mt Panorama in a go-kart with rain incoming. Trust me, that last part is a lot more exciting (and awesome) than it sounds.

That was just in the beta, mind. Small wonder, then, that the finished version is all that and more. In fact, I'd almost go so far as to say Project CARS might be the defining driving game experience one will come across. That's both a good and a bad thing.

You are a racing driver. You enter competitions, and have cars that go vr…

We Have a podcast! Geek of Oz presents: Read, Watch, Play!

Welcome to the first of, what will (hopefully) be many, episode of Read, Watch Play! The official podcast of
The podcast is available to  download here via podomatic, or here via iTunes!
Read, Watch, Play! Does exactly what it says on the box; it’s a chance for us Geek of Oz folk to come together and chat about what comics, films, games and TV we have been enjoying over the past week. For this very special first episode we managed to assemble our full team of writers, and by that I mean Stu, Chris, Billy and myself, at Geek of Oz HQ (a.k.a my lounge room). 
Apart from general banter we put the spotlight on comicbook movies and discuss our feelings about  the Marvel and DC cinematic Universes including our thoughts on the Suicide Squad cast photo that emerged last week. Plus we tell you how you can win some free digital comics!

Just a heads up we say shit a little bit, there’s a few sexual references and Stu and I make a joke about cocaine, so probably not suitable for childre…

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS4) In-Depth Review

I'm not one to give into hype. There's a reason I don't tend to watch E3 livestreams or many game trailers these days. It usually comes down to overhyping things with pre-rendered cinematics and even slightly doctored gameplay footage. If a game is marketed as being the biggest thing since Skyrim's world map, chances are it won't match the hype when it finally emerges from production.

Consider me pleasantly surprised, then, at how much The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt manages to work to earn the reputation it's garnered from the hype. I won't go so far as to say it lives up to that hype, but it certainly is a far cry from most games that see a gulf between expectation and execution. If nothing else, is accomplishes the task of snagging new players quite effortlessly. Either that or I'm just a really easy target for sharply-written fantasy narrative alongside great gameplay. The latter is distinctly possible, given the copies of Dragon Age: In…

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (Blu-Ray) Review

I can't remember the last time an anime made me cry the way The Tale of the Princess Kaguya did.

It might be unorthodox to lead with that off the bat, and while it's not strictly speaking a selling point that a movie is able to cause Kleenex share prices to skyrocket, it's nonetheless a quality with Princess Kaguya. You should know going in, especially since this is a creation from the mind of Isao Takahata - the award-winning scribe who began his career with the soul-crushing depression-fest Grave of the Fireflies - that The Tale of the Princess Kaguya will, unless your cardiac region has recently been removed, make you cry. But given that it's an overly-heartwarming, growth of the protagonist tale that follows the eponymous princess from her birth, what else could you expect?

The movie opens with an elderly bamboo cutter discovering a tiny child, dressed like a princess,
inside a strange-looking bamboo stalk. He takes the little girl home to his wife, where the two…