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Stu's 10 favourite films of the year

  1. Pig - Michael Sarnoski  2. Another Round - Thomas Vinterberg  3. French Dispatch - Wes Anderson  4.  Licorice Pizza - Paul Thomas Anderson  5. T he Green Knight - David Lowery  6. West Side Story - Steven Spielberg  7. The Power of the Dog - Jane Campion  8. The Card Counter - Paul Schrader  9. Riders of Justice - Anders Thomas Jensen  10. No Time To Die - Cary Joji Fukunaga  After another year plagued by lockdowns and all manner of distractions, I'm surprised that we were treated to such an exceptional year of cinematic delights. From bombastic blockbusters, to intimate tales of personal discovery, the year kind of had something for everyone. These are my favourite cinematic experiences for the year. I’m not suggesting they were the year’s “best” films, as for me that’s a redundant term for art. Some great films couldn’t sneak into the top 10.  I’d love to hear what your favourite film of the year was. Feel free to drop a line in the comments below, or come over to pla