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Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion (Blu-Ray) Review

Suffice it to say there are MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST TWO FILMS, as well as MINOR SPOILERS FOR THIS ONE. I'd honestly recommend you watch both before you get stuck into my wordiness.

Long-time readers of the site will know that I was, to put it very mildly, pleasantly surprised by the first two Madoka Magica films. As someone who hadn't seen the anime but had had it recommended and praised to high heaven, it was gratifying to see a story as lauded as this that actually lived up to a lot of the hype. It might not be Evangelion or Cowboy Bebop, but dammit it if isn't still one hell of a great film.

That was a great enough experience for me on its own. But then I found out there was a sequel. That had been released earlier in Japan. And was coming out here. In English. In 2015.

If there was a thermometer for measuring how excited a guy can get, it would've burst its mercury at this point.

But that also left me skeptical. The original movie ended quite firmly, with a re…

Ted 2 #10wordreviews

Worthy successor to original. So wrong, yet oh so right.

- Stu 

Ted 2 is in cinemas from today. If you see the flick and agree or disagree with my thoughts, feel free to angrily throw a beer bottle at me in the comments below. 

Inside Out #10wordreviews

Fascinating representation of a child's development. FYI better bring tissues!

- Stu

Inside Out hits theatres on June 18. If you see the film and agree or disagree with my view, feel free to drop a line below, or come over to play with us on our Facebook page.


Massive show this week. Our resident movie guy, Stu, saw like 17 films at the Sydney Film festival, we all saw Jurassic world and E3 is happening. So yeah big is kind of an understatement.

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This week's discussion topic: Better than the book

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Stu's top films of the year so far ...

Here are some of the cinematic highlights of the year thus far. Hopefully you've seen a few already and those you haven't I'd strongly suggest you track down. My top films are as follows:

- Stu

Jurassic World #10wordreviews

Self aware, outstanding effects, loyal to franchise. Buckets of fun! 

- Stu 

If you attend the park and agree or disagree with my thoughts, come and maul me in the comments below! Bring your raptors!


After an unrestrained love-fest for Mad Max: Fury road last episode, this episode sees a return to the mixed bag approach as Stu, Billy and myself have a good ol' gab. Seriously, it's quite the gab fest. We talk everything from Spiderverse to why Tommorowland isn't doing so well at the box office to the (apparently) booming drag queen industry. 
Plus we have yet another give away (at this point it's becoming a habit we can't kick). Be sure to be listening carefully to find out how you could win a double pass to Oz Comicon Melbourne. All entries to be sent to christof@geekofoz. 
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Entourage #10wordreviews

Evidently, the 'bro' culture needs to grow the f$@k up!

- Stu

In Cinemas from this Thursday. Turn up if you don't have a mother or sister that you care for ...