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Press Play - Goldeneye tournament

Alright ladies and gentlemen, this is the big one, it’s GOLDENEYE time! On Saturday the 31st of January, 2015, it’ll be your turn to slip into a tuxedo, polish up your Walther PPK and order a stiff martini. As you get ready ready for battle as Press Play will be hosting a multi-team GoldenEye tournament. The night will also feature music from a selection of popular DJ’s and live art from Heidi Abraham, as well as prizes for best dressed (Cosplay/Retro themed). There will also be gaming consoles for casual gamers to partake in The night will be sponsored by Red Bull, Kwencher Beer, and The Gamesmen, which means that there will be FREE beverages for punters PRESS PLAY is a retro themed night that combines various forms of live entertainment: Gaming, music, art and fashion into one jam packed night of excitement. PRESS PLAY @ SPECTRUM 34 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, 2010, NSW Date: 31st January, 2015 Ticket Price: General Admission: $10.00 (GST inc) - Presale

Podcasts you should be listening to

My personal stash for podcasts I highly recommend checking out. 1. Film Junk  Film Junk is my gateway drug into the podcasting arena. And I’m forever grateful. I first stumbled across it about seven years ago and have never looked back. The show is an hilarious blend of film reviews and, at times, slightly-too-revealing but very amusing anecdotes of its hosts Sean, Jay and Frank. This is the perfect show to keep you up-to-date with movie news and possibly broaden your film-watching horizons. 2. MAMO MAMO  is a podcast about movies and popular culture hosted by Matt Brown and Matt Price. These two fine gentlemen sit atop the wall of pop culture nonsense like sentries in the night, and are a subtle blend of Statler and Waldorf, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and Colonel Jessup. Trust me folks, we want them on that wall, nay, we need them on that wall! For the princely sum of nothing, these two scalliwags will let you eavesdrop on their coffee shop chit chat about current