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Northmen DVD giveaway

Thanks to the fine folks at Entertainment One, we have 5 copies of Northmen to giveaway. Now the best bit, to win all you need to do is comment I WANT in the comments below. It's that easy! Winners will be announced on our Facebook page (you must live in Australia to be eligible)

A band of Vikings are stranded behind enemy lines on the coast of Alba as their longboat goes down in a dreadful storm. Their only chance of survival is to find a path to the Viking settlement, Danelag, traversing an unfamiliar and hostile land they have never known. Soon the journey becomes a race for their lives when the King of Alba sends his most feared mercenaries after them.​ Available to own on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD April 1. ​​

- Stu

Final Fantasy XV Demo: Episode Duscae (PS4) Review

NOTE: There will not be a */10 Geeks at the end of this post. Same rules as the Witcher 3 hands-on: it's not the final product, so I won't give a final grade. Those looking for a summary about whether you should play it - yes. You should definitely play it.


While a release date, price point or specific comments on narrative and characters - besides some vague outlines of setting and basic plot for the latter - aren't yet known, I'm still excited for Final Fantasy XV. No, it's not solely based on what's in the demo that comes packaged with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. It's based on what's not in that demo.

Don't get me wrong, the demo is awesome. It's a solid couple hours of combat mechanics and story driven by some interesting, if only briefly sketched, characters. As a piece of early release designed to create critical groundswell and make me want to see the finished game, Sq…

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PS4) Review

If Final Fantasy Type-0 HD had existed a decade ago, when I first got into the series and time was not as limited as now, it's quite possible it would've claimed a good 200 hours of my weekends.

This is the game I've been waiting for since the uniqueness of Final Fantasy XII, since the salad days of Final Fantasy VIII and since the disappointment that was Final Fantasy XIII. It's the kind of game that, alongside contemporaries like Tales of Xillia 2, gives me hope that JRPGs can once again take pride of place in my favourite genres. It's at once a nostalgic return to form and an innovative exploration. If you're after the short version before I knuckle down to details, here it is: GO PLAY THIS RIGHT NOW.

The story is equal parts straightforward and fairly thin at first blush. In the world of Orience, where nations are built around crystals that grant magic powers, war has broken out. The Militesi Empire has gone on the offensive and found a way to jam the crys…

Hollywood Classics at Dendy Quays

Not to be out done by Dendy Newtown's Cult Classic hit list, Dendy Quays is bringing back some of Hollywood's golden era in a very special line up. There's no better way to ward off the Monday blues than to gather some mates and head down to Circular Quay, grab a glass of wine and kick back with some of the funniest films of yesteryear. Click here for their full line up; including ticket prices, session times and all that jive. If you've never seen them, I can't recommend Hello, Dolly! and How to Marry a Millionaire highly enough, they are both truly spectacular films. If you see any of the films feel free to drop a line below or come over and play at our Facebook page. 
- Stu
The awesome folks at Dendy Newtown Cinemas are bringing back some of the biggest, baddest and all-round kickass-est (yep it's a thing) films for a very special season of cult classics. You know that you're in safe hands when the opening films are Predator, Clueless and Alien. Take your time to peruse the line up and just marvel at all that 80s and 90s goodness. No matter what your particular brand of nostalgia is, they've got you covered. Click here for their full line up; including ticket prices, session times and other helpful tidbits. I know I'll be catching a fair few of these gems while I can.

- Stu

Oz-Comicon Perth Give away!

Hey Guys!

Thanks to our pals over at Oz Comicon we have two double weekend pass for both days of their Perth event (11-12th of April) to give away!

Featuring a stellar line up of guests including Buffy's Amber Benson, Nicholas Brendon, Sarah Hagan and Emma Caulfield; Finn Jones and Daniel Portman from GoT; Doctor Who's Billie Piper and Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo; Oz Comicon is sure to have something for everybody.

For a full guest list be sure to checkout the Oz Comicon website.

To be in for a chance to win all you have to do is caption this photo of me and this oversized teddy at last years SMASH convention:

Send your entries to with the subject line 'Oz-Comicon Perth Give away'. Competition closes on Tuesday the 24th of March 2015.

Space Dandy, Part 1 (Blu-Ray) Review

Let's be honest. There was no way I wasn't going to love Space Dandy after those opening credits.

Longtime fans of Shinichiro Watanabe's magnum opus Cowboy Bebop will find a lot of familiarity from the get-go with Space Dandy. That's not necessarily a bad thing, given how amazingly super-fantastico Bebop was back in the day, and its balanced by Dandy being as to Bebop what a mango is to a dragonfruit.

Set in a future strongly evoking Firefly by way of Futurama with a dash of Evangelion's more-than-meets-the-eye plot, Space Dandy follows the titular space-faring main character on his spaceship along with his space-crew as they complete space. Dandy is accompanied by QT, the kind of robot I imagine Portal's GLaDOS might be if she stopped taking crazy pills, and Meow, a catlike Betelgeusian almost as lazy and lady-obsessed as Dandy. Together the three search for new alien life across a galaxy rife with possibility, all the while unknowingly evading th…