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Dark Souls III (PC) First Impressions

DISCLAIMER: As this review is a First Impressions of a game that is still in development, there will be no */10 Geeks score at the end. There is also a slant towards the positive aspects and, unless otherwise stated, any mention of negative elements or bugs may be attributed to the game still being made. Some who wish to remain clean of any foreknowledge may also find MINOR SPOILERS in this review. -- If you'd asked me three years ago whether I'd be up for covering Dark Souls III , I'd've probably said no. By most accounts, the first game was both overwhelmingly difficult and known to lead to players literally snapping their controllers in half . But then my housemate birthday gifted it to me, and I found it pretty enjoyable in a maniacal, clearly-I-have-no-will-to-live kind of way. The second game , simultaneously improving on and mucking up elements of the first one, was also pretty great. I did like the greater emphasis on the main character, as well as th


This weeks episode is a quick one as Stu and I discuss the trainwreck that is the latest Fantastic Four film. Listen as we don't hold back on our thoughts of the film as we record post screening. Seriously it was almost like therapy recording this episode. Be warned there are spoilers in this review (but honestly we're saving you money watching this film), and also apologies in advance some bad language was used during this episode. As always it would make our day if you could take a couple of minutes to rate and reviews us on iTunes or drop us some feedback below! Really keen to have your input in the show. -Billy This week's discussion topic:  Post Fantastic Four review (Spoilers) Get it from Podomatic here Get it from Itunes here Stu ( Billy (@aqualec,


So this weeks a big 'un. Yes, I am well aware we say that every time, but this episode is actually our longest yet! Plus for the first time since episode one we are back to four panellists WOOOOOO. Joining me in the studio, and by studio I do mean my lounge room, are Stu (who is yet to miss an episode), Chris (The prodigal son of Geek of Oz) and special guest Paul Caggegi. Paul is a Sydney based comics creator, know for his sci-fi series Pandeia. As well as dad jokes, Paul had a lot of great insights into the comics making process, visual storytelling, indie comic economics and marketing your books. Seriously this is episode is a must for all you aspiring comics creators out there!!! You can find out more about Paul and grab PDF's of Pandeia volume one (collects issues 1-5) and Pandeia issue 6 here . Be sure to get in quick as they are currently on sale for the low-low price of just 99c! As always we thrive on your feedback, so please let us know what you like/love/d