Marvel News - Heroes for Hire

Earlier in the week we posted teaser images of Falcon (Wingman for Hire) and Elektra (Assassin for Hire) from Marvel Comics, each image had "Coming in December 2010" stamped on the bottom. At first we speculated that Elektra may be getting her own series, then with the release of the Falcon image we left you with an eloquent "guh?".

Through a wee spot of detective work we have unveiled the potential answer to the "for Hire" mystery. HEROES FOR HIRE is coming back to funny pages in December. Diamond Comics Distributors have shown a snippet of titles available in their October Previews release for December shipping, one of which being Marvel's Heroes For Hire, a team of street-level heroes who first appeared in Power Man & Iron Fist #54 (December 1978) and last in Heroes for Hire Vol 2 Issue 15 (December 2007).

With the conclusion of Shadowland in November perhaps the Heroes for Hire have reformed in the absence of the Man Without Fear...


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