Marvel News - Shadowland Meltdown!

Shadowland Issue 4
Marvel is making waves at the street level with Diamond confirming that Shadowland #1 third printing variant, Shadowland #2 second printing variant and the initial print of Shadowland #3 have sold out at the distribution level. The good news is that even more reprints of the sold out issues will be available when issue #4 hits shelves this month.

“We’re extremely happy with the success of Shadowland and I’m very proud of the work Andy, Billy and the rest of the team have done crafting the story,” said editor Stephen Wacker. “From the core titles to the tie-ins, we’re seeing an amazing response from readers. The book just can’t stay on the shelves. I just hope we don’t run out of paper.”

Both the Shadowland #1 fourth printing variant and Shadowland #2 third printing variant will receive covers from artist John Cassaday whereas the Shadowland #3 second printing variant will be wearing a piece of interior art by Billy Tan.

Shadowland Issue 3 Second Printing Variant


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