Marvel Preview - Scarlet #3

Scarlet #2 Second Print

Get your sneak peek at Scarlet #3, the latest issue of the wildly successful creator-owned comic from Eisner Award winning team, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev! So far we've seen Scarlet take on the world in hopes to make it a better place.Unfortunately for Scarlet, there are those who would love to see her fail. Find out who in the upcoming Scarlet #3.

“The response for Scarlet has been nothing short of shocking” explained Brian Michael Bendis. “Alex and I want to give a gigantic thank you to all of the readers and retailers who have made it their personal mission to support this book.”

Maleev added “In a stark contrast of the storyline, so far Scarlet has been a joy ride for me. I feel free, I am free and the canvas is open for me to create on. What else would an artist want?”

If you missed out on Scarlet #2, never fear! She's going back to print with an all new variant cover by Alex Maleev!

I personally was a bit upset when Spider-Woman was cancelled, the art was incredible and the story was fantastic. Then it was cancelled so that Mr. Bendis and Mr. Maleev could go off in their thirty million dollar yacht to make a book that was closer to their heart. Something that would liberate them from the shackles of continuity... SPIDER-WHO? Thank god they did! Scarlet, in only two issues has become one of my most memorable books this year. The fact that these two creators are working from the heart really shows.

I feel that Maleev's art has never been better. He is the perfect fit for this project, the passion really shows in his pictures.

As for Mr. Bendis, the maestro, I can rarely fault anything that this man writes. He is the kind of writer that makes me want to write but them makes me feel like I shouldn't bother because I'll never be as good, or as prolific as he is. He's given a soul to Scarlet and not just to the character, but to the book itself. 

Bravo gentlemen.


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