Review - Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #6

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #6

COVER BY: Clayton Henry
WRITER: Paul Tobin
PENCILS: Ronan Cliquet
COLORED BY: Christopher Sotomayor
LETTERED BY: David L. Sharpe

It's almost a waste of time for me to write this review because I've already spoken about my love of Paul Tobin's writing and these Adventures books. But I will anyway...

In this issue Thor shares stories of old with a bevy of babes much to the chagrin of  Nova who, frankly, doesn't believe a word uttered by the Odinson. That is, until they visit the town of interest and find Thor's old piratey nemesis and Asgadian, The Executioner, up to his old tricks.

The art that Cliquet has put down on these pages is just straight up fun. He has captured all of the classic characters perfectly and while he draws a mean action sequence I feel like it's his comedic panels that really shine, that's where this book shines and reinforces the fun factor that I'm finding so endearing.

I've spoken before about Tobin's writing and how much I dig it so I'll ease off this time. Everything that I said about Mr. Cliquet is exactly what I like about the writing. Tobin has an incredible grasp of humour and makes for a light hearted easy read. One thing that I'm enjoying about these titles is that the reader really doesn't need any prior knowledge of the characters to enjoy the stories. I'll be getting Spider-Girl, not because I particularly like the character, just because I've been enjoying Tobin's current books so much.

Even though this title is cemented on my pull list, one of the other things that is so impressive about this title is how the stories are more or less stand alone, there's no need to buy into long and protracted series with multiple cross overs, just get the issues you want and enjoy. This is particularly attractive since Civil War, Dark Reign and Siege laid waste to my back pocket!

Comics should be fun and this title has not failed to supply.


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