Marvel News - Age of X Part 4

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Introducing Magneto and CANNNNONBAAALLLLLL!

I have to say, it takes a brave man to wear all white but I think Magneto is rockin' it!


  1. Is this just a cynical attempt to recapture the sales success of AoA? Although it can't possibly be as bad as the sequel...

    OTOH I do enjoy what-ifs and AoA was great in its series of character redesigns. Marvel have some talented folks putting out books at the moment, it would be great to see a top-down revamp of the entire line, if only to see what would stick.

  2. Age of Apocalypse was a great time series. I remember the time well, when Joe Mad adorned the cover of every second book and we as collectors finally turned our backs on foil covers and wrestling comics (thank god!).

    There does seem to be an element of AoA to this and with the return of Apocalypse to shelves early next year we'll have to see if your prediction is on the money!


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