Interview - The Amazing, Spectacular and Sassy Spider-Girl

Today is a very exciting day for me as I get the chance to speak with a real-life hero! For a geek like me this is a dream come true! The one and only, Spider-Girl!

Ryan: Let's get this out of the way, the question on everyone's lips is this, how are you related to Spider-Man?

Spider-Girl: Just friends. We aren't a team, or a couple, or brother and sister, or really anything besides two people that like to hang out together on rooftops, occasionally punching bad guys in the face and arguing about our favorite music.

My apologies, I just figured... Moving on! We've previously seen you fighting crime alongside the likes of Toro, Firestar and Nomad but now we're also seeing you go solo. Why is that?

I'm not sure there's any reason behind it. Mostly... things happen, and it's hard to tell a bad guy that you need a timeout in order to call everyone's cell phones and get them to meet at a certain place because a robbery / assassination attempt / jewel heist / dog-napping is in progress. Bad guys are notoriously impatient that way.

What do you prefer, team work or working solo?

They both have their advantages. Working solo has the freedom, and working as a team has the extra firepower. And the situation has a lot to do with it. If I'm running late for school and stopping a car-jacking, I'd say it's best to be solo. If I'm "debating" with Doctor Doom on whether or not I should be alive, I'd like some backup, please.

In certain publications we saw you make short work of Screwball. Is it really as easy as it looks?

No. She's FAST. And unpredictable. Luckily, she's kind of full of herself, so if I remember to hit her when she's halfway through a boast, or when she's mugging for the cameras, it usually catches her off guard. Basically, she's dumb. (I'm saying that in the hopes she reads this).

What exactly are you benching?

You mean how much do I bench press, like... in the weight room? Not sure. Weight rooms are smelly.

Do you have a work out regime? Do you do shakes or is it all natural?

Just the daily "workout" of swinging around the city keeps me in pretty good shape. It's better for my upper body, though... and I've been thinking of taking up soccer for that reason. Now that I don't have any super-powers, it's completely fair for me to compete.

Don't get me wrong you look great, really you do, but do you ever get self-conscious in such a form-fitting costume?

Of course. My roommate and I had an Ultimate Cosmic Ragnarok Pizza Fest the other day, for instance, and when I slid into costume (going out on patrol that night) I stood in front of my mirror for Way Too Long, wondering what damage that pizza had done to my figure. But... yeah... mostly I feel I do okay. I'm not the Enchantress or anything, but I get by.

Being a Super-Hero is a dangerous profession, over the past few years we've sadly lost some of the greats. That being said, why do you put your body on the line day in, day out?

Because if I don't... people get hurt. Spider-Man has taught me a lot about responsibility. A lot of us in this "profession"... in fact, MOST of us in this profession, have lost someone close to us. If we can help prevent somebody else going through that loss... we HAVE to step up to the plate.

Is there anyway that you fans can keep up to date with your antics? Facebook, Twitter, Web-mail? See what I did there? Web-mail...

Web-mail. Clever. But, I don't have any e-mail, no. I most definitely DO have my own Twitter, though. It's at The_Spider_Girl. And then there's also for some of my published adventures.

Just one last thing, if you swing into Spider-Man do you think you could give him my email address?

Will do. But... he's shy. Seriously. You'd never think it from how much he chatters during a fight, but he's the blushing type.

Well thank you so much to Spider-Girl for taking the time out from crime fighting to have a chat with us. You are a true hero!

Thanks so much. Keep safe, everyone!


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