Marvel News - Bagley Comes Home

In big news from the House of Ideas, Mark Bagley is confirmed to return in March to Brian M. Bendis' Ultimate Comics Spiderman. Bendis and Bagley were the original creators of USM and currently hold the record for the longest run for one creative team. These were the glory days for USM, a time that I'd be happy to revisit.

In equally exciting news, Mr Bendis revealed via Twitter that fan-favourite artist Chris Samness will be on art duties for Ultimate Comics Spiderman #155.


Mark Bagley Returns to Marvel in DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN
Legendary Artist Joins Groundbreaking Storyline

The biggest event in Ultimate Comics history just got bigger, as superstar artist Mark Bagley returns to Marvel and the series he helped make one of the best-selling of all time! Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #156 reunites the record-setting duo of Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley to kick off “Death of Spider-Man”. With a new creative team and the biggest Ultimate story ever, you can’t miss a single issue of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man!

"While I appreciate the opportunities DC afforded me, it's great to be coming home to my first love—Marvel,” said Bagley. “I'm thrilled to be working with Brian again and I’m totally excited by our new project.”

Together, the team of Bendis and Bagley revolutionized the comic book world with Ultimate Spider-Man, setting a new record for consecutive issues by a single creative team and producing some of the most acclaimed comic books of all-time.

Bendis exclaimed. “I’ve been jumping up and down with excitement! Mark and I have huge plans this year both in both the Marvel Universe and Ultimate Comics Universe and this is just the beginning. Join me in saying my new favorite catchphrase:  Bagley's Back!!”

The team that sold over a million copies of Ultimate Spider-Man Vol.1 is back together for their biggest story yet—“Death of Spider-Man”—because in the Ultimate Universe there are no rules and you never know what to expect next!

Pencils & Cover by MARK BAGLEY
Rated T+ …$3.99


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