Anime News - Madman Acquires LASTEXILE - Fam, The Silver Wing

Cementing their spot as Australia's premier anime distributor, Madman have announced that they have managed to acquire Studio Gonzo's latest instalment in the LASTEXILE saga. What's more, they will be screening it publicly before it is even released in Japan! Oh Madman, you've done it again!


Madman is proud to announce the acquisition of the highly-anticipated new instalment in Studio Gonzo’s massively popular LASTEXILE series – LASTEXILE – Fam, The Silver Wing -.

The first episode of LASTEXILE – Fam, The Silver Wing – will make its Australian screening debut at Melbourne Anime Festival (Manifest) on Friday, 26 August, followed by an encore screening on Saturday, 27 August – over a month before the series premieres on Japanese television.

“Madman Entertainment are extremely proud to be working with Gonzo and Manifest to be bringing Australian fans such a rare opportunity to see a brand new anime show, especially of such a high calibre, before it even airs in Japan,” said Tim Anderson, Managing Director, Madman Entertainment.

In LASTEXILE – Fam, The Silver Wing – the descendents of the planet’s evacuees have returned to a rejuvenated environment, now free from the pollution that drove them out so long ago. However, they now face a constant and ever-increasing conflict with the planet’s neglected inhabitants.

On the eve of signing a historical peace treaty with Luscinia of the Ades Federation, princesses Millia and Lily of the Turan Kingdom are lured into a trap and attacked by Luscinia, ruthlessly provoking war. Left for dead, the princesses are intercepted by The Vespa, a ‘Vanship’ piloted by our titular heroine, Fam – a member of the Sky Pirates.

Although fans have been waiting eight years for this new chapter, they will NOT be disappointed. The original LASTEXILE creative team from the revered Studio Gonzo (HELLSING, FULL METAL PANIC, STRIKE WITCHES) have joined forces once again for LASTEXILE – Fam, The Silver Wing – and have created an action-packed adventure series that builds upon the original with cutting edge visual effects, a fantastically complex world of intricately designed mechanics, unbelievable costumes and unforgettable characters.


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