Anime News - Madman SMASH! Panel

As always, Sly from Madman kept the crowd well and truly entertained at SMASH!

On top of a number of acquisition announcements, Sly gave away a Fullmetal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos signed by Miki Shin-Ichiro and a Cardcaptor Sakura poster signed by Sakura Tange. Of course, these goods weren't just given away. They were won, or lost, through a mass game of Jan Ken Pon! Sadly, I didn't even attempt to win. Although I would have loved a poster (the Cardcaptor Sakura one looked awesome), my Jedi training would have given me an unfair advantage.

Follow on after the jump for a swag of new releases from Australia's number 1 anime company, Madman!

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

Based on the smash hit game, Mass Effect Paragon Lost is a direct prequel to Mass Effect 3 and tells the tale of an elite special forces squad who are sent on a mission against the mysterious and deadly "Collectors". With animation by Production I.G (Broken Blade, Ghost in the Shell)  and a story written by Henry Gilroy (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) this has EPIC written all over it. Mass Effect Paragon Lost is due for release in November

Mahoromatic I'm Home

Although only 2 episodes in length, it is assumed that Mahoromatic - I'm Home will be released on DVD, much like the Sentai Filmworks release. It is reported to be a special 2 part side story that takes place between episodes 2 and 3 of season 2. Get ready to revisit Mahoro in November.

"As Mahoro's life timer rapidly approaches her two hundred and fiftieth day, a more joyous chronological observance occurs to distract her: the 120th anniversary of the founding of the town of Hiryushi. As part of the celebration, Suguru, Miyuki, Hamaji, and several other friends have come up with the perfect tribute: a Maid Cafe! Unfortunately, their Maid Cafe may end up completely Maid-less, as Mahoro and Minawa are attacked by Management forces under the command of Feldrance!" - Sentai Filmworks


Due for release in November, Shangri-La is based on the light novel and anime series of the same name. Animated by Gonzo (Strike Witches, Rosario + Vampire Capu), Shangri-La is the inversion of the usual dystopian future story. Instead of a nuclear wasteland, Japan is converted into a jungle in order to absorb CO2 but when industry and enterprise crumble, Japan faces an all new and inescapable challenge. Shangri-La will be released in November.

Strike Witches season 2

Around this time last year, Madman released the first season of Strike Witches on DVD. Although not to everyones taste, the story about cat eared, panty wearing, fighter plane legged attack squadrons sold well enough to necessitate the release of the second season. Although it may be a blatant cash in on cat eared, panty wearing, fighter plane legged gals - it is still a tonne of fun. Not long after the release of season 1 last year, we reviewed it and gave it a big thumbs up. Strike Witches season 2 is due for release in December


Further to this, Sly answered a few questions from the crowd.
  • It is unlikely that we will see any historic releases of Gundam.
  • This years release of Oreimo will include the OVA (on disc 3)
  • "Plans are afoot" for screenings of Evangelion 3.0
EDIT: Thanks to SquadmemberRitsu for the heads up on these last 2 points.
  • Both seasons of Strike Witches will get the Blu Ray treatment
  • The classic Neon Genesis Evangelion will NOT be re-released until after the fourth movie is released. This appears to be under mandate of Studio Khara or Gainax


  1. He also said that Madman would be releasing both Seasons of Strike Witches on Blu-ray and that they're not allowed to distribute the TV series of Evangelion until all 4 rebuild movies have been released. Didn't clarify whether it meant in Japan or Australia

    1. This is true! Well spotted, I'll add those to the post.

  2. I think this Madman Anime will become popular soon. Not because of its producers' strategy’ but as I have watched the trailer I though kids will love to watch this newly created


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