Podcast - Beardy and the Geek, an Introduction

It is finally here! To all of those people who have been asking when the inaugural episode of "Beardy and the Geek" will be up, the answer is now. That said, you should already know this because the only people who asked this question were in my head.

Jump on board for a snappy 23 minute chat with the incredibly well read and equally talented Emmet O'Cuana (Beardy) and the perfectly adequate me (Geek) as we chat about the Australian comic book industry and Australian creators. Stay tuned for more reviews, more recommendations and a whole swag of interviews with some great people in the comic book biz.

Check out the podcast after the jump!

Feel free to stream the entire show below or head over HERE to download the MP3 and don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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