Sydney Underground Film Festival #6

The cool kids of the Aussie film festival family return this year with an impressive line up to say the least. The Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF) are bringing us a handful of films that are so underground that even the cast and crew haven't heard of them.

Check out some further details and special discount codes after the jump!

Films at this years fest include Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, Francophrenia (or don't kill me, I know where the baby is), Bobcat Goldthwaite's God Bless America and... ahem... Donkey Love.

If none of these films do it for you (not even Donkey Love?), then you have a whole swag of feature films, short films and documentaries to choose from.

For more info you can visit the official website, download the full program and pocket timetable and follow them on the Facebook and Twitter machines!

So run out and grab yourself some tickets but before you do, check out these special codes for discount tickets:

SHRIM = $30 opening night tickets

SEEDY = Total Badass $10 tix

REDTAPE = Unmade in China $10 tix

VICE = The Fourth Dimension $10 tix

Now, these codes only work for a limited time so get in quick and if you're after other discount codes, hit us up through TWITTER, FACEBOOK or the comments below and we'll se what we can do (no promises!)


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