A Beginners Guide to Dollhouse, Everything you Need to Know and More!

 Dollhouse: The Complete First Season is finally coming to Australia!

With the release of Dollhouse Season 1 on Blu-ray and DVD fast approaching (October 24th) we thought we’d share all we know about the hit science-fiction series. 

So, we’ve compiled a top list of the ‘need-to-know’ facts about Dollhouse Season One.

How many do you know already? Check out the list below to find out.

Dollhouse: The Complete First Season
  • Dollhouse was created by writer/director Joss Whedon, who directed the Avengers movie and created the TV series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’
  • The show stars Eliza Dushku, as Echo, who has starred in films such as True Lies, Bring it On and Wrong Turn
  • The idea for the show came about when Eliza and Joss went for lunch
  • The show is based on the idea of a corporation running several underground organisations (known as Dollhouses) which program individual people (Dolls) with temporary skills and personalities
  • Brain hacking is the process through which Dolls are given their temporary skills/personalities. Each week the creators devise new methods for the characters to be brain hacked, treating them like machines that can be endlessly rewired
  • After each scenario Echo returns to the mysterious Dollhouse where her thoughts, feelings, experiences and knowledge are erased by Topher, the Dollhouse’s genius programmer
  • During the show Echo takes on various personalities including; a backup singer, a midwife, and a hacker
  • The character of Whiskey, played by Amy Acker, was the number one Doll until her face was scarred by Alpha, a rogue Active, so that Echo could take the top spot
  • The theme tune to the show ‘What You Don’t Know’ that features in the opening and closing credits is from American folk rock singer Jonatha Brooke
  • In 2010 Joss Whedon announced that he and Maurissa Tancaroen had written a comic book entitled ‘Dollhouse Epitaphs’
As an “Active”, the mysterious Echo (Dushku) serves as an unwitting agent of Dollhouse, an illegal underground organization that provides its elite clientele with programmable human beings. Actives receive personality imprints, allowing them to temporarily become anyone or anything—the perfect burglar, lover, spy, or assassin. Now, with the FBI and her own shadowy past closing in, Echo must face a rogue Active who will stop at nothing to bring Dollhouse down—forever.

Release Date: Wednesday, 24th October

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Dollhouse: The complete first season on DVD is available to buy from October 24th and you can pre-order your copy now here.

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