DVD News - Introducing Terra Nova's Shannon Family

Press info on the recently released Terra Nova series just keeps coming and this time we're given an insiders look at Terra Nova's Shannon family and an all new directors diary featurette.

It’s the year 2149, and humanity is in the final throes of extinction. Those fortunate enough to escape are allowed to travel back in time 85 million years to an outpost known as Terra Nova. For the Shannon family, it’s a chance to reunite and start over. But once there, they face giant, carnivorous dinosaurs, and mysterious forces conspire to destroy the entire experiment — and everyone involved in it! 

With Terra Nova Series 1 on DVD just released (24 October) here’s an introduction to the family who battle against all odds to save not only themselves, but the project from extinction. 

Check it all out after the jump.


Husband to Elizabeth Shannon and devoted father of three, James Shannon breaks population control laws in the year 2149 and flees with his family to Terra Nova, a colony 85 million years in a parallel past. A former detective of the Chicago Police he finds a natural place as a member of the Terra Nova security task force. Extremely protective of his family, he risks everything to keep them all together and safe. 


Wife of Jim Shannon and mother of Josh, Maddy and Zoe she is a trauma surgeon both back in Chicago and in Terra Nova. An extremely caring wife and mother, she is willing to sacrifice her career for her family. 

JOSH SHANNON (Landon Liboiron) 

The oldest child of Jim and Elizabeth Shannon, Josh resents his father for taking him away from his girlfriend in 2149 and forcing him to live in Terra Nova. He struggles to adjust to life in the Tera Nova and is rebellious both against his parents and the rules of the colony, making life difficult for everyone involved. 

MADDY SHANNON (Naomi Scott) 

The middle child of Jim and Elizabeth Shannon, Maddy is extremely intelligent, emotional and endearingly awkward. She looks at her new life in Terra Nova as a chance to reinvent herself and begins a romance with Mark Reynolds, a soldier in Terra Nova. 

ZOE SHANNON (Alana Mansour

As the youngest child of Jim and Elizabeth Shannon, Zoe has lived most of her life in secret as her birth marked a breach in very strict population laws. When her existence was discovered by the Chicago police, her father Jim was sent to prison. Following her father’s escape from Prison, Zoe and Jim were reunited in Tera Nova. As an illegal child she had to be smuggled to Tera Nova in a backpack. 

Terra Nova is available now, order yours here!

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