DVD News - Terra Nova Dinosaur Guide

A veritable flood of new Terra Nova related info is coming to hand with a look at the "Nightfall" episode and, as a special bonus for dinophiles, an insiders look at the dinosaurs of Terra Nova.

Terra Nova tells the story of The Shannon Family, who are residents of Earth in a parallel Universe 85 million years in the past. The family aren’t the only residents of the planet though and to celebrate the upcoming release of the series on DVD (out 24 October) here is a guide to some of the Dinosaurs that inhabit the ‘New World. 

Get all the info you need to know to survive Terra Nova and a special episode clip after the jump!
  • Ovosaurus – A cross between a Velociraptor and a Carnotaurtus these evil looking Dinosaurs have an obsession with nickel used in cables which has been described as catnip to them 
  • Nicoraptor – Fast and deadly, these fictional Dinosaurs hunt in packs and have been likened to wild dogs due to their mangy appearance. They go by the nickname Nykos 
  • Pterosaurs – Winged reptiles that come in various groups, these include; Pteranodon, Rhamphorhynchus and Ornithocerius 
  • Brachiosaurus – The first Dinosaur spotted by the Shannon family on Terra Nova weighs 29-43 metric tons and grows to up to 85 feet in length. They are herbivores with extremely small heads and brains for a Dinosaur their size 
  • Ankylosaurus – Featuring only briefly in Terra Nova this herbivore hatched from an egg in an incubator after being abandoned. This Dinosaur can be identified by its spiked armour and club like growth at the end of its tail 
  • Carnotaurtus – A very fast and deadly species and much like the T-Rex, they have a long tail and tiny arms but are differentiated by their large horns 
  • Acceraptor – Given the nickname ‘Slasher’ by the Terra Nova colonists due to its razor sharp tail, so sharp it can cut through metal. Acceraptors can be identified by their colourful feathers 
  • Howlers – Seen but never heard these mysteries creatures have a rather loud scream and are only mentioned by the human residents of Terra Nova on one of the many journeys 
  • Allosaurus – A large carnivorous dinosaur that grow to an enormous size and can rival the T-Rex in size. They move in large groups and are collectively known as the Allosauroids

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