Gaming News - Sleeping Dogs gets Creepy

Just in time for Halloween the good folks at Namco Bandai Partners and Square Enix bring us an all new Sleeping Dogs DLC, Nightmare in Northpoint.

Sleeping Dogs is the perfect combination of GTA and Batman Arkham Asylum and just so happens to be one of my absolute favourite games of 2012 so any DLC I is a welcome edition to what will hopefully be an ongoing franchise.

Oh yeah, just to creep you out a little bit more, North Point is alleged to be the suicide capital of Hong Kong...

Face doesn’t mean a thing when the minions of hell roam the streets…

In life, Big Scar Wu was one of Hong Kong’s most ruthless triad gangsters. Feared as much by those who stood against him as those who stood by him in the Sun On Yee, it was decided by the Grand Dragon that he must be stopped. Looking to send a message, they had him stabbed 42 times before feeding his bleeding corpse to the grinder at the Smiley Cat cat-food plant… his final resting place, in the food bowls of the city’s pet cats. It is said that if the wronged receive anything less than a proper burial, their spirit will almost certainly come back as a Hungry Ghost, damned to starve in the afterlife, feeding only on their hatred. You turn him into cat food and that’s pretty much guaranteed.

Now, Hell has a sense of humour, and when Big Scar Wu arrived in the underworld and word spread of his demise, they renamed him Smiley Cat, much to his chagrin, with the name fuelling his bitterness with every utterance and driving his thirst for revenge. Rising from Hell and vowing to exact his revenge, Smiley Cat has raised an army of Jiang Shi, vowing to destroy the Sun On Yee and to create Hong Kong’s most fearsome criminal empire.

With the city in chaos and its citizens possessed, Wei Shen now faces a challenge far more sinister than any before. To save Hong Kong, he must seek out the most powerful of Chinese magic, endowing him with a power strong enough to take on Smiley Cat’s army of Jiang Shi and face-off against the ghosts of Triads he has defeated in the past, sending the dead back to Hell once and for all.

Nightmare in North Point will be available this Halloween, downloadable from the PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Marketplace and Steam. You can find out more from, our extensive community website where players can track their in-game progress and see how they shape up against the global Sleeping Dogs community.

Watch the Sleeping Dogs ‘Nightmare in North Point’ Teaser Trailer now!


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