Metro: Last Light "Survivor" Short Film Series

It's easy to look at the videos below and just see them as glorified commercials but, realistically, they're incredible attempts at world-building by the creators of the upcoming Metro: Last Light.

Follow on after the jump to check out the live action short film which acts as a prologue to the upcoming game plus the first and second trailers in the "Survivor" series.

Not many games go to the lengths that Metro: Last Light has in terms of fleshing out a universe prior to release and for those that do, not many do it as well as this!

Following the heart wrenching release of the "Enter The Metro" short film released earlier this year, THQ have released a series of short films, delving into the characters left in the carnage.

The first tells the story of "The Preacher",  a well-known feature of the Moscow streets preaching at the top of his voice at all hours of the day, but now, after a period of soul-searching, he has become a beacon of hope and spiritual advisor to the hopeless denizens of the Metro.  

The second tells the story of "The Model".  Carved out as a spoiled model and socialite, she was plunged into a world of darkness where celebrity means less than nothing.  In order to survive she started out selling her body but now she makes armour for rangers, a proud and fiercely independent woman. 

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