Wreck it Ralph Review

Wreck it Ralph tells the story of Ralph, Wreck it Ralph. The Donkey Kong to Fix it Felix Jr's Mario, Ralph gets tired of being the bad guy, constantly thrown off his 8-bit tower while Felix receives all the adulation. So tired, in fact, that he LEAVES HIS GAME! 

Exploring the world of video games, Ralph finds a whole new universe full of possibilities, more specifically, the possibility to be the good guy for once, the peoples champion.

 A star studded affair, Wreck it Ralph is a great school holiday option.

Wreck it Ralph feels somewhat like a poor man's Toy Story. While it attempts to explore the imaginary lives of video games, it fails to bring the believability of Pixar's triumphant franchise. No doubt part of this failure stems from the fact that there is very little by way of emotional attachment. Ralph himself isn't particularly likable and even his younger cohort, Vanellope von Schweetz, while cute fails to shine. This is in no way a reflection on the quality of voice acting, John C Reilly and Sarah Silverman bring their A-game. This film is somewhat of a who's who of today's funniest performers with Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Joe Lo Truglio and Alan Tudyk all delivering stellar performances. Also, John DiMaggio, the voice of Bender, Jake the Dog and Darkseid makes an appearance as dessert franchise mascot, Beard Papa.

While the script is strong in terms of laughs, and plenty of laughs are had, the story is missing the emotional element to make this film an enduring favourite. Ralph may be on a quest to become the good guy, but with no emotional attachment the stakes are basically non existent. It's a fun ride, no doubt, but without emotional investment the entire film feels like San Francisco Rush: fun, but in no way an instant classic.

It may not be an instant classic but it will certainly delight audiences young and old. First and foremost, the animation is amazing. Experiencing so many different game worlds from 8-bit to contemporary arcade releases shows off Disney's CG chops. Jumping in and out of different games, some actual and some made up, helps to make the video game universe feel dynamic and expansive. Although we manage to catch an eye full of actual gaming characters such as Q*bert, Zangief, and Doctor Eggman, not enough time is spent with any of the characters to make them feel like anything but a cheap cameo. Speaking of which, keep an eye out for everyones favourite dub step... guy... Skrillex. These cameos, while fleeting and meaningless, act as a treasure hunt for older audiences.

Sure, it may not be a potential Toy Story killer but Wreck it Ralph is a fantastic family film and is guaranteed to blast away the school holiday blues. Wreck it Ralph is in cinemas throughout Australia from boxing day.

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