Will the Superhero in The Bounce be all that Heroic?

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Upcoming Image title "The Bounce" is described as giving a nod to the early days of Spider-Man and the origins of Robert Kirkman's Invincible... is there a single thing about that statement that comic fans should be worried about? No, not a damn thing.

Although Casey is one quarter of Man of Action, the creative co-operative responsible for Ben 10, he is also well known for his more adult oriented titles such as Butcher Baker and another upcoming Image title, Sex, so The Bounce should be an interesting title indeed.

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He's young, he's fit, he's got a gal who's interested — and he's superpowered. Jasper Jenkins, star of the new superhero Image Comics series THE BOUNCE by Joe Casey (BUTCHER BAKER THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER, SEX) and David Messina, pretty much has everything going for him. Why complicate things by taking things too seriously? Jasper's about to embark on the greatest trip he's ever known, and he's going to ride it all the way...!

Described by Casey as a "slacker superhero comic for the 21st century," THE BOUNCE gets underway in May with dynamic art, acrobatics, and an unabashed love of fun.

"As a storyteller, you pose the question, 'What would it be like if you were a typical guy in your early 20's and you had superpowers?' and then you try to answer it honestly," Casey related in a mini-interview posted on the Image Comics blog.

With a nod toward Spider-Man's innovative, early days and Invincible's origin era, Casey has added something all his own to the superhero mix with the mature-rated THE BOUNCE, hinting, "Sometimes the idea of 'fun' can get a little heady... as it does right off the bat in issue #1."

THE BOUNCE is a full color, ongoing series. Issue #1 will be in stores on May 22. It will be available for pre-order from the March issue of Previews (MAR130444).

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