Star Trek Into Darkness Audio Review

For something a little different, Stu and I thought that we would share our views on Star Trek Into Darkness on audio! That's right, give your eyes a rest and listen in as I (a lifelong Trekkie) and Stu (not) compare notes on JJ Abrams latest foray into the United Federation of Planets. WE'RE THE ORIGINAL ODD COUPLE!

As an extra special treat, we've added a clip of our interview with JJ Abrams on his recent visit to Sydney. Check out our review after the jump!

Feel free to stream our review or right click HERE and save the MP3 for later.


  1. Another classic. A good follow through of the Star Trek genre. Awesome 3D sequence and solid performance from Cumberbatch. I have seen his acting skills in Sherlock series. And he has done fabulous acting.

    1. Hi Paheliyan, thanks for reading! I REALLY loved this film for no other reason than how fun it was but you're totally right, Cumberbatch was a stand out.


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