Interview with The World's End director, Edgar Wright

Today I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with director of The World's End, Edgar Wright, in a very plush Sydney hotel.

If I sound like a complete bumbling fanboy, it's because I am. However, Mr Wright was incredibly giving of his time and an absolute delight to speak with. It's quite obvious that this is a man that is well chuffed with his lot in life and grateful that we fans are along for the ride.

Having seen the film, it is every bit as fantastic as the previous 2 films in the Cornetto trilogy (Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) and then some. With drama, comedy and a fistful of action thrown in for good measure, The World's End is a must see for fans of Edgar's films.

Click the play button to stream our interview or right click HERE to save as an MP3.


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