Madman Announce TITAN WEEK!

Australia's number 1 anime distributor, Madman, have listened to the fans and reacted accordingly. After the hugely successful streaming release of Attack on Titan, Madman have announced "Titan Week" (from Monday 26th through Friday 30th August) during which they'll begin releasing 2 new episodes of Attack on Titan PER DAY until they catch up with the Japanese schedule. 

New episodes will be released each Wednesday only hours after screening in Japan with Madman also announcing their plans to release the series on physical and digital formats in 2014.

"With its blistering action, relentless pacing and unpredictable storyline, the 25-episode post-apocalyptic series - which is animated by newcomers Wit Studio and helmed by the director of DEATH NOTE and HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD - has become the hottest anime property across the globe" - Madman

For more information on any of Madman's free streaming anime, head to The Screening Room.


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