Madman streaming DANGANRONPA from September 1

Adding to their already incredible list of free streaming anime, Madman have added DANGANRONPA from director Seiji Kishi of Persona 4 fame. 

There's really no need for anyone to illegally download anime ever again with new anime released every single weekday and in the case of DANGANRONPA and ATTACK ON TITAN, the same day as Japan! 

Check out the full line up of anime on offer and more after the jump!

Mondays – PSYCHO PASS - Double Episodes

Tuesdays – CODE:BREAKER - Double Episodes

‘Fast Track’ Wednesdays – DANGANRONPA and ATTACK ON TITAN – Brand new episodes, direct from Japan.

Thursdays – SANKAREA

Fridays – FATE/ZERO

Plus ongoing full series streaming for a huge range of amazing shows, including the recent hits SWORD ART ONLINE, MY TEEN ROMANTIC COMEDY SNAFU, EUREKA 7 AO, K’, and many more, including sample episode 1s and 2s from a huge range titles in the anime catalogue.

Check out all of the goodies on offer over at the Madman Screening Room.


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