Hanabee Entertainment Licenses Kokoro Connect

Directed by Shin Oonuma (Dusk maiden of Amnesia & ef ~ a tale of memories) and animated by SILVER LINK studio (Dusk maiden of Amnesia & Baka to Test), Kokoro Connect (ココロコネクト) blends drama, romance and supernatural elements and it's coming to Australian shores!

Sure, it may be a few months away but that just means that there's plenty of time to get excited!

Hanabee have announced the acquisition of the series and will release the first 13 episodes (sub/dub) on both Blu Ray and DVD on the 4th of December.

There’s a student exchange problem in the Cultural Study group.

You’ve heard of foreign exchange in high school, but body exchange? Having seemingly been caught up in the whims of a supernatural character called Heartseed; Taichi, Iori, Himeko, Yoshifumi and Yui are about to learn more about each other than most. Not only are they switching bodies, they’re switching genders!

Now they’re truly discovering things about each other, including stuff that go beyond basic anatomy. Every member of the Cultural Study group is hiding something, but how long can it stay a secret when their body is no longer their own, and they can't keep watch 24/7?

It just might be time for them to face their demons.


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