About Time - Review

Ok geekers, here's the thing; There's not going to be much I can tell you that will make you want to see this movie if you haven't already made up your mind. If you see the phrase "from the makers of Notting Hill and Love Actually" and think to yourself, "I'd rather watch The Matrix for the 100th time." then go and watch The Matrix and save yourself from About Time. If by any chance you're one of those with a penchant for a flick with a dash of British wit and a pretty American starlet doing her best to down play her beauty then this is the movie for you.

 I have to admit, I actually don't mind Richard Curtis films. Not all of them, all of the time but on the whole I'm not totally against them. There's a formula and it aims to please in the least offensive manner possible. In this regard this film is no different. This exact reason is why you'll never see one of films on any kind of list, other than "how to prove to girls you're the sensitive type" of course we and they know that so it's a very particular brand of shite being sold so get your facts straight before diving into that one. Basically, this film is the same old thing, boy meets girl, falls in love, insert complication, boy overcomes complication and they all live happily ever after. Slight change of plan, boy can travel through time, with limits.

I don't know, it’s fine I guess and there are some nice bits of dialogue but it just feels done and redone. Rachel McAdams is super cute as always but along with all the women in this film came across as kind of desperate. The main character Tim played by Dohmnall Gleeson, is a goofy redhead without too much going for him but women seem to find him irresistible. Perhaps this is my biggest gripe with Richard Curtis films. He finds the hottest movie stars in the world, frumps them up a touch and we're supposed to believe that they just can't help themselves from the middle class Englishman with his British sense of humour and beautiful family. I think most of us geeks know that this shit just doesn't happen. But whatever, fantasy comes in all forms I guess. 

The acting is fine, Bill Nighy plays himself which is always fun. The soundtrack is forgettable and you’re never going to see footage in this type of film that makes you cry cinematic tears but you won’t see any mistakes. That might be it, you know. There's no mistakes. Everything just works and comes together and the boy gets the girls and blah blah blah who cares. I didn't hate this movie by any means and there are a couple of funny scenes and couple that pull at the old heart strings but there's not much else to it. 

As I said, you already know if you're going to see this movie, just like you know if you'll see every movie Curtis makes in the future. My suggestion, wait for rental or cable or whatever your vessel and find a girl you need to score some brownie points with. Let her think it was her idea, watch the film, tell her you didn't mind it (you won't need to lie here) cash in said brownie points, then go watch The Matrix...you're welcome.

- Gene 


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