Madman's 12 Announcements of Xmas - #6

Every day, from now until Christmas, the mad people at Madman will be announcing a new title for us to look forward to in the new year. Today's title announcement is....

#6 – OREIMO 2

Kyosuke Kosaka is a high schooler who has been leading a quiet, humdrum life. However, things are turned upside-down when his little sister, Kirino, comes to him for "life counselling”. 

It turns out that Kirino, a well-rounded winner in life, has many otaku-ish hobbies And so, Kyosuke sincerely takes on Kirino's request, and as more and more people in their friend circles become involved, changes to their icy cold brother-sister relationship begin to appear. But after they overcome the crisis of Kirino suddenly leaving to study abroad, what kind of crazy whims will Kirino put forward next?

OREIMO 2 will be available to own on DVD in 2014.

You can check out the rest of Madman's announcements HERE.


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