Madman MelbNova 2014 Acquisitions

You can guarantee that every convention blessed by Madman's attendance will receive news regarding their recent acquisitions and Supanova Melbourne is no different. In fact, it seems a though they went out of their way to announce a bumper crop to their homeground audience! While details are scant (but not as scant as the clothes in Maken-ki), we'll keep you up to date when further information comes to hand.

Noucome - My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy

What would you do if every one of your actions was dependant on a limited set of parameters, like multiple choice for instance. Furthermore, what if those choices were perverse, sadistic and downright weird? 

Kanade Amakusa – a boy cursed with the mental power who will turn any multiple-choice quiz he thinks about into a reality. 

However, one day in school, he is given another choice: a beautiful girl will fall before him or he will fall from the rooftop in female clothes. Although he chooses the first option and it comes true, he and his new-chosen love – Chocolat – are in for a hilarious multiple-choice adventure.

Yuushibu - I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job.

Seriously? What's with all of these lengthy anime titles of late? Moving on. Imagine that your lifelong dream was to be a hero, only to have that possibility ripped from possibility. Well, meet Raul.

Raul had always wanted to be a hero, but failed the exams necessary to become one. He reluctantly took a job working at a small electronics store called Magic Shop Leon. 

His life is dull but busy until a new girl comes applying for a part time job. She’s the daughter of the demon king who defeated him in his exam.

Blaz-Blue Alter Memory

Based on the fighting game series which is responsible for an almost infinite number of rage quits (from me), Blaz-Blue Alter Memory promises to expand on the already kick arse story (pun intended).

Long ago, the world was saved from a monstrous creature known as the Black Beast by a group of heroes wielding a powerful combination of magic and science. 

Now, a rebel named Ragna the Bloodedge—who happens to be the most wanted man on the planet—finds himself in the middle of a mysterious plot that’s somehow connected to the Black Beast’s resurrection and the possible end of the world.

Haganai NEXT

More Haganai? Don't mind if I do. Encompassing volumes 4 to 8 of the light novel series by Yomi Hirasaka the "Neighbour's Club" continues to prosper as they learn more and more about each other. Needless to say, comedy ensues.

Yozora, Sena, and their misfit band of sorta-friends return in Haganai NEXT! 

The members of the Neighbors Club are still trying to figure out what friendship really means – even as their bonds are tested and relationships begin to change.

Inari Kon Kon

If the description of Inari Kon Kon below is anything to go by, we're looking at the love child of Fruits Basket and Ah! My Goddess and no part of that is a bad thing. 

Inari is a cheerful girl in Kyoto who has a crush on one of the coolest guys in her middle school, but she can’t seem to confess her feelings to him. 

After saving a beautiful goddess’s familiar, the deity blesses Inari with the ability to shapeshift—much to the chagrin to the rest of the spiritual world. Will love bloom for the newly empowered girl when the spirits intervene?

Maken-ki 2 

Like fanservice? Well you're in luck because Maken-ku returns for a second outing. 

The busty babes of Maken-ki! are back in a follow-up to the hit first season! When Takeru enrolls in Tenbi Academy, he discovers that he has a magical power called “Maken.” 

The hornball might end up a great fighter—if he can keep from being distracted by all the gorgeous girls running around his new school.


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