Ask Madman - Volume 2!

Ask Madman is BACK and yet again we've got some awesome questions answered by the Madman crew. One question in particular is quite a doozey and I've gotta say, Madman handle it really well. 

Ask Madman answers the questions that you'd usually only get to ask at a convention and this volume is a cracker!

With questions on anime, manga, J-Pop and cinema, this volume has got something for everyone!

Got a question of your own? Make sure you head over to our Ask Madman form and submit your question for the next volume. 

You've got a little
something on your face...
Adam: When do you plan to release The Raid 2 on Blu-ray? Also, if possible can you please release a version with a slipcover which matches the JB Hi-Fi exclusive version of the first film? As a major fan of both (loved the second in cinemas) this one deserves a special release! Cheers!

Madman: We’ll be releasing it on August 6. There will be heaps of killer bonus content for both DVD & Blu-Ray. Not sure about a slip-case specifically, but we are working on a few ideas for exclusives.

I mustn't run away...
oops, wrong character
Grant: When is Evangelion 3.0 getting released?

Madman: We are currently working to get finalised English language materials delivered. As soon as we have confirmation of that, we will be able to set a date for the release. Rest assured, we are just as keen as you are to release this!

Ichigo: Instead of waiting for Funimation and those other companies, why don't you just dub series yourself?

Madman: It’s a great question. Never say never… but it would be a pretty huge time investment with little guarantee as to the quality of the dub. Most of the companies we work with have been doing this for years and always deliver a great result. Dubs can also come as a condition of the license, so it wouldn’t make sense for us to create another in that scenario. It also costs quite a lot of money to produce dubs, so it’s not likely something we could take on for our relatively small market.

Finally, we think our simulcast efforts and early release of subbed-only products have done a lot to satiate fans who might be keen to see these shows sooner.

Arashi are proud supporters
of the Napisan challenge
Cuong: Will you ever release Jpop or Jrock CDs and DVDs? It would be awesome to have somewhere local to buy KyaryPamyuPamyu, Hatsune Miku or Arashi albums.

Madman: While we all love Jpop and related categories here, honestly, it’s probably a bit niche for us to sell. We’ve tried anime CD soundtracks in the past and even they were pretty hard to shift (we still have a few in the warehouse, I’m sure!) But if we get the opportunity to promote local shows or relevant J-music cultural news to our fans, we’ll jump at the chance.

Animelting: Have you ever considered commissioning an Australian dub for an anime?

Madman: See response to ‘Ichigo’. Curious though, do you mean with Australian accents?? O_o

Adam: Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods seems to be in a license limbo with the silence since the license announcement. When will there be a release and are theatrical runs being considered?

Madman: TBC, but we’re working to have this in the schedule as soon as possible. Bear in mind, the initial announcement was very early – the ink was pretty much still wet, and it was really just to promote the screenings at the 2013 Japan Film Festival.

Theatrical event screenings are definitely something we’re very keen to pursue once we lock in a release date. As soon as we have word on finalised English language materials we will be putting everything into gear and you will absolutely hear about it. For now, sit tight. It’s not really in that much of a limbo as you might think.

Sailor Moon on Blu Ray
may not be what you remember
Chibi Jennifer: Is there any interest in licensing Sailor Moon at all? If not, is there any particular reason? Thanks :)

Madman: There is HUGE interest in licensing Sailor Moon. But up until now, the license has been unattainable. I’m sure you’ve seen Viz’s recent announcement though, which we are very excited about… Although, as always, until we have officially licensed and announced something, we can’t really speculate. Cross your fingers and toes for us!

Diana: As a company, how do you feel about fansubs?

Madman: We can’t condone them, but do understand some of them come from a place of supportive intent. I.E. Fans wanting to share and educate. But they are still less than legal and hate to think some people out there are putting inferior products out there for sale.

We are also working extremely hard these days to provide anime to fans as fast as possible - sometimes at the same time as it airs/releases in Japan - legally, and for free (or a very small fee). Fansubs have traditionally been a way for people to access shows that they might not have otherwise been seen for months, let alone years, but with the advent of simulcast streaming services, it’s hard to see how they are really even necessary anymore?

Marutobi: What happened to Chuang Yi manga?

Madman: Unfortunately, the company is now defunct and appear to be in liquidation. We’re now working with Viz to supply their editions of titles previously handled by Chuang Yi, like Vampire Knight and Ouran High Host Club.


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