Campione! (DVD) Review

Based on the light novel series of the same name by Jō Taketsuki, Campione! (the ! is supposed to be there), is a real mish-mash of genres and sub-genres, somewhat to the detriment of the cohesiveness of the entire series. 

"It’s a long fall from grace once you’ve reached the top.

Kusanagi Godo is to become the stuff of legends, when he slays the God of War in fierce combat. Now known as Campione, a God Slayer, Kusanagi is tasked with the job of defending his title and turf against other fierce individuals after the prestigious name.

But despite the constant mortal peril, there are some benefits to the job and it comes in the form of some devoted female followers and really how is a guy supposed to resist?" - Hanabee

There are some very cool and very epic battles in Campione!, so too is there some very funny/saucy/awkward harem scenes but the problem is that this series doesn't quite commit to either in its short 13 episode run. If only this were an action series with harem elements or a harem series with action elements instead or both but neither. That said, the harem and action elements in isolation are actually pretty damn cool, particularly the latter. While the harem elements are nothing new, the mythological action is above average.

The action itself is conducted on an epic scale, just as you'd expect from godly battles, and are all rather well animated. While animation studio Diomedea aren't particularly prolific, they've done a rather good job of creating a vibrant and believable backdrop and visually distinctive characters. While the characters are distinctive of one another, they're not particularly memorable and seem to meander in the realm of generic beauty ideals.

In its mythological setting, Campione! really shines and it hints at a depth of knowledge that not many series possess. The overlap between various different ancient cultures is brought up, through the introduction of gods and demigods such as Pandora, Perseus and Athena, but the series ultimately rushes from battle to battle and into the boudoir of one of Gudou's many willing suitors. The harem elements are unfortunately used as more than just a comedic, light-hearted beat and instead occupy a great deal of screen time. While it is at times a good distraction from heavy action, it tends to be a little too heavy handed.

The animation is of a good quality while the score is completely forgettable and the mythological elements are great while the harem elements are played out, leaving Campione! teetering precariously on the precipice of excellence. One other mini-quibble... what the hell is with anime series lately LITERALLY showing saliva swapping when characters kiss? Surely I can't be the only one that finds it gross! 

- Ryan
Campione! is available now on DVD and Blu Ray from Hanabee.


  1. This show is a lazy pile of trash. When their not retconing established mythology or retconing their own retcons, its premiss is being thrown under the bus to pander to the lowest common denominator. Explanations of abilities sometimes make no sense, items/methods are introduced and forgotten about, Characters are either pointless, unlikeable or just serve to move the plot along and nothing more and it lacks that grand feel that a show about gods and god slayers should have. Overall this abortion needs to be buried and forgotten about.

  2. Bam! Brother just dropped a truth bomb! I've got to admit that in hindsight, this series didn't leave any sort of impression on me. Neither good nor bad. It's just completely forgettable.

    Thanks for reading!


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