Madman Announces New, Free Streaming Service

Since 2009, Madman's "screening room" has been delivering free anime straight to your eyeballs. Now, 5 years and countless series later it has been replaced with great fanfare. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to!

As of 5pm today, will begin streaming some if the biggest series known to anime while also simulcasting Date A Live IIDai-ShogunRiddle Story of Devil.

Not sold? Well you could watch the complete Attack on TitanSpace Dandy and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood series', completely free and with NO advertisements. Furthermore, is tablet and smartphone friendly which means you can watch it on anything from the biggest to smallest screens.

Go sign up to the beta and enjoy all that has to offer.

EDIT 7:26pm - After logging in and checking out a few of the titles for myself, I can already see that in spite of being in the beta phase, is incredibly polished! The visuals are crisp and almost have an Eva Unit 01 colour scheme to it. Navigation is easy with the top bar breaking all series into "Shows", "Simulcasts", "Genres", "My Queue" and also includes a search bar. The body displays recent and popular series which can be started with the click of a mouse.

Once logged in you can also add shows to a watch list and through the profile screen, can choose to have an alert sent to you when a new episode is available. One feature which is inherent to anime fandom, you can also choose whether your anime is shown subbed or dubbed when available, by default. Overall, a very polished product!


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