Ask Madman Volume 3!

We're back once again with another volume of ASK MADMAN where YOU ask the questions of Australia's biggest anime company!

In this volume you asked about Attack on Titan, Studio Ghibli, Monkey Magic, Rurouni Kenshin and more!

The very first question is answered with some exciting news coming out of Supanova.

Don't forget, you can get your questions answered in next months volume by filling out the form HERE.

r0lan65: Two questions! Are you planning on licensing the remaining 2 Rurouni Kenshin films released later? ALSO! As a huge Asian horror fan, are you planning to release more Japanese/Korean/Thailand horror films on DVD? Thanks!

Madman: Pleased to announce that we have just licensed these films. You’ll be able to see them on cinema screens before the end of the year. (Madman also just announced that Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods will also be getting a cinematic release later in 2014 - Ryan)

As for other live-action horror films, we have at least one awesome title slated for release in the near future. Plus there will be a few thrillers coming up that you’ll probably enjoy.

Sabastian: Regarding anime, what blu-ray titles have been selling well in the past few years, and how does blu-ray sell in general compared to dvd's now?

It really depends on the title. Most of the Ghibli catalogue has worked well, as you’d expect. As has Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop, Akira and a number of others. DVD is still the top format though. Unless it’s exclusive, I don’t think any Blu-Ray title has topped the equivalent numbers on DVD yet.

Daniel Purcell: What are the chances of the 2012 anime series, "Space Battleship Yamato 2199" being picked up for local release?

No current plans, as we haven’t acquired this title. But thanks for the suggestion! 

Daniel Purcell: You guys already distribute "Monkey Magic", the 2007 feature film spin-off from the 2006 Japanese series "Saiyūki" there *any* chance you'll ever acquire the rights to distribute the series itself?

We would love to, but the license for the original series is still sitting with another distributor over here unfortunately.

:‘- (

Kevin: So when are you hiring me in your marketing department?

Alright, hotshot. Where do we send the company limo?

Vern: When can I preorder The Wind Rises?

Soon enough. Stay tuned.

Cheap otaku: Will always be free?

It’s likely we will have to charge for it in the future – but you’ll be able to enjoy it for free for a while yet! Exactly what, when and how we will do this is yet to be determined.

.:Moon_Tiara:.  You know what would be cool? Shingeki no kyojin merchandising (Attack on Titan). Don't you think?

It sure would be! 

charlie: When will Ben 10 Omniverse Galactic Montsers come out?

Possibly before the end of the year.


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