More Free Anime for Aussies from Hanabee

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly have more free anime available, Hanabee announce that they too are entering the simulcasting ring ready to knock you out with a one, two punch.

Announced at this weekends Supanova in Sydney, Hanabee have launched an all new streaming service which has in turn completely changed their homepage experience. 

Hanabee Entertainment steps into the Simulcasting Stage

Australia and New Zealand’s fastest growing anime company has added video on demand to their expanding list of anime services. The new BETA version of integrates three components in one space: watch anime, shop for anime, and interact with Hanabee.

President and CEO Eric Cherry states “The talent here is immense and it's allowed this young company to step into an area typically reserved for those with a lot more resources or simply acting illegally, and that’s a really rewarding accomplishment. We’re both excited to enter this space and humbled by the challenges it brings, which is why we’re chosen to launch in BETA form and on Friday the 13th; ensuring ample amount of excuses are place in the event the launch doesn’t go as planned.”

Hanabee’s initial VOD slate includes the already announced Beyond The Boundary, plus new programs No Game No Life, The Irregular at Magic High School, Black Bullet, Captain Earth and Chaika – the Coffin Princess, all currently airing on TV in Japan. Over the coming weeks and months Hanabee will be rolling out their back catalogue as well as adding new titles.

No Game, No Life

As urban legend would have it, siblings Sora and Shiro are gods amongst their fellow man when it comes to the gaming world. Blazing hot on the internet, their reputation precedes them as this bright brother and sister duo have made quite the name for themselves as NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) hikikomori (shut-in) gamers. Of course, they both question their happiness in the real world only to discover that there is a parallel world where everything is decided by a game. Homebound hermits, withdrawn from life, they are summoned to a fantasy world by a boy calling himself “God.” In this world, all armed conflict and violence have been banned and the races must resolve their disagreements through gaming. Now, the siblings find themselves as the would-be saviors of the human race. Will this dynamic duo be brilliant enough in this game world to be the salvation of all humanity? The deck might be stacked against them, but Shiro and Sora are determined to duel till the end in NO LIFE NO GAME! – Sentai Filmworks

The Irregular Magic at High School

The year is 2095 and magic has been scientifically broken down to highly advanced technology. Users are known as "magic technicians" and are highly valuable individuals in every country for their power and potential.

For the Shiba siblings, Tatsuya and Miyuki, they have just been accepted into the prestigious First Affiliated High School and quickly on their way to becoming well respected magic technicians. But when Miyuki is accepted into the well respected first course and Tatsuya is relegated into the second course for his lack of practical magic skill, a divide may quickly come between the pair.

Black Bullet

No longer a boy yet not quite a man, Rentaro has already led a tough life. It's the year 2031 and ten years have passed since his parents – along with most of mankind – were killed by an alien parasitical virus known as Gastrea. As a second year student at Magata High School, Rentaro, along with his childhood friends, Kisara Tendo and Enju Ahari, have formed the Tendo Civil Security to tirelessly fight against Gastrea. Born as one of the “Cursed Children” infected with the virus, giving her superhuman abilities and the power to control the virus, as well, Enju is Rentaro's Model Rabbit Initiator. Operating as a pair with Enju as Initiator, and Rentaro as Promoter, serving to lead the cursed children, they must together work as a team to dismantle evil brought on by Gastrea. Can this team save humanity as they take on a secret mission to prevent the Tokyo Area's destruction? We can only hope as we watch with anticipation in BLACK BULLET!

Captain Earth

The night before his summer vacation, second-year high school student Daichi Manatsu's life as he once knew it would be forever changed. An unusual round rainbow appears floating in the sky above and he knows he must follow it. With memories of his father's inexplicable death haunting him and a previous encounter of a mysterious boy and girl, Daichi follows the rainbow – one he has seen in his past - and travels to Tanegashima Island to investigate. Arriving on the island with mixed emotions, the home of Japan's Tanegashima Space Center, Daichi runs into a 17-year-old boy named Teppei Arashi who asks why Daichi has returned to this island. While he may not know or fully understand his fate, Daichi knows he's returned there to fulfill a promise. Now, with panic alarms sounding and an unruly force known as the Kill-T-Gang quickly approaching to attack, Daichi must suit up for the invasion in the mecha battle to end all mecha battles in CAPTAIN EARTH!

Chaika - The Coffin Princess

War has ended and 20-year-old retired soldier, Toru Acura, is left drifting through life with no direction. But through a chance encounter with a girl called Chaika and her coffin, Toru may no longer need to forage in the mountains for food.

Except the retired soldier has now become a thief and isn't this a complete direction change to life? Nevertheless Toru is prepared to follow this strange girl in the hopes of finding meaning even if it requires him to go and complete questionable actions.


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