Interview with X Factor/Fan Factor Hosts Luke & Wyatt

Hosted by cheeky duo Luke & Wyatt, the Fan Factor, an online exclusive that gives you an all-access pass to the world of The X Factor,  is is where YOUR thoughts, opinions and musings can be heard. Just use #fanfactor to get all your opinions heard.

With new episodes are available every Wednesday night during live shows at, we had a sneaky chat with the lads about Luke Jacobz, pasta bake, Luke Jacobz, fist fights and Luke Jacobz.

Gents, I've been loving the show so far and it seems like you're enjoying yourselves too. What's been a highlight of this season?

Wyatt: Getting to eat the same catering as Luke Jacobz. He's such a dreamboat! Sometimes we lock eyes over the pasta bake. Hi Luke, if you're reading this.

Luke: I just wish I was enough Luke for Wyatt, but I understand if I can't satisfy his needs. 

You guys obviously bounce off each other really well but who else has the most wicked sense of humour?

W: I really like Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim sense of humour. And Zach Galifinakis. 

L: I love heapsof great stand ups - Hannibal Buress, Rory Scovel, Sam Simmons. Other Aussies like Matt Okine and John Conway are phenomenal.

Do you ever try and slip inside jokes or references into your shows?

W: Ideally we try to do loads of jokes, but most of our references are obscure and from the nineties. 

L: We did some sweet Paul Keating zings at the crowd warm up for the show last week. They went down like cold porridge.

If you were both on the X Factor as contestants, what song would you choose?

W: I reckon it's time to bring back the classic Tub-thumping. Good, family, drunken sing along fun. That, or anything by C & C music factory.

L: Maybe the French national anthem to really confuse people.

Now the inverse, which song would you choose for each other?

W: Luke should sing "Christmas in the Scrub". He knows all the words and does cool actions along with them.

L: Wyatt should sing "I'm too sexy for my shirt" coz his abs are off the hizzle. Fully ripped one hundred and ten percent. He's a unit.

Have you been surprised by any of the eliminated contestants? As though they left before their time?

W: It's really hard saying goodbye every week to such talented artists. I'm so glad we don't have to make any decisions on that!

L: I'm pretty glad when any of them go. More pasta bake for me.

I'm not sure if you can answer this yourselves but who do you think is the hottest contender to win?

W: I'm not really allowed to be so clearly biased, but there is a real triple threat this year - he can talk, he can stand, he looks great in a suit - I reckon Luke Jacobz is going to surprise everybody!

L: I'd keep your eyes peeled for another Luke. He's not as good looking but hot dang, he does a great "Christmas in the scrub".

Now purely hypothetical, who out of the X Factor judges would win if they competed against each other?

W: Oh man. That's a real tough one. Maybe it should be in a slam poetry contest rather than singing.

L: Yeah, and then it would be Ronan because his lilting Irish tones would win anyones heart.

W: Or Luke Jacobz. Dream. Boat.

And finally, who would win in a dust up between Redfoo and Ronan? I mean, Ronan does sound like a masterless samurai but Redfoo sounds like a martial art for gingers.

W: Do they have to fight? Why can't everyone just be friends? Isn't there enough violence in the world? Come on guys. Let's give peace a chance.

L: I think it's hypothetical

W: Oh. Redfoo. 


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