Read, Watch, Play! Episode two: Madly in love with Mad Max

Hey Guys!

 Here it is, episode two of Read, watch, play! Available now on iTunes and Podomatic!

Just Stu and lil ol' me this week as Billy and Chris had 'real life responsibilities'.Pffffffft.

As the title suggests we talk all about Mad Max Road Fury. And by talk I actually mean gush. Like all over the place. Repeatedly. We really, really, really really, really dig this film. Plus Stu
squeezes in some quick reviews of Tommorrowland and Women in Gold and I blab about comics for a bit. In case you haven't picked it up, this is very much a 'watch' heavy episode.

If that wasn't enough to have you salivating and rushing to download the podcast then surely this will: WE HAVE ANOTHER COMPETITION!!!!! Yay Free stuff!!! obviously you have to listen to the podcast to find out how to enter.

Like last episode we say shit a few more times and there is a bit of innuendo  (Stu and I were alone in a room together, what were you expecting!??!?) so just an FYI. However unlike last time Itunes hasn't labelled it 'explicit' So it probably means it's alight I guess. I mean why would Itunes lie to you?!?!

And yes I am well aware that last week we said the next Podcast would be Witcher centric but given how comprehensive Chris' Witcher 3 review was ( check it out here) we kind of felt everything had been covered. Also Chris insists that I have to wear pants when we record the podcast and I wasn't cool with that.

Finally, before I leave you I should clarify the comic I refer to as 'World war hulks' near the end of the Podcast is actually 'Battleworld: Planet Hulk'.

Anyways get listening!

- Christof

Christof (@weeklygeek,

Read:  Batman vol. 5: Graveyard shift, Stumptown vol. 1, ApocalyptiGirl: an Aria for the end times
Watch: Mad Max: Fury Road

                 Stu (
Read: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone
Watch: Mad Max: Fury Road, Tommorrowland, Women in gold
Play: Bear vs. Art


  1. I'm glad there has been a quick turnaround for the second episode. For my taste i felt there was too much talk about Mad Max: Fury Road. I feel you could of gone into more about the history of the films and what they meant to Australia rather than giving away most of the movie. A twenty minute review? Of course you are going to give away spoilers and plus movie reviews are a dime a dozen now.

    By all means say if you liked it or disliked, yet get it over quickly and move on.

    I liked the show better when it moved on to comics and dungeons and dragons. I felt the flow was a lot better and was the most interesting part of the show.

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback! Yeah admittedly we got a bit self indulgent with the Mad Max banter. Will try to cover a broader variety of topics going forward and hopefully more of us Geek of Oz folks are free to record future episodes. Admittedly it's always hard to cover too much ground with just Stu and myself especially given Stu's wheel house is mainly film. That said you feedback is duly noted and we really appreciate you helping us shape the show :)


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