We Have a podcast! Geek of Oz presents: Read, Watch, Play!

Welcome to the first of, what will (hopefully) be many, episode of Read, Watch Play! The official podcast of Geekofoz.com

The podcast is available to  download here via podomatic, or here via iTunes!

Read, Watch, Play! Does exactly what it says on the box; it’s a chance for us Geek of Oz folk to come together and chat about what comics, films, games and TV we have been enjoying over the past week. For this very special first episode we managed to assemble our full team of writers, and by that I mean Stu, Chris, Billy and myself, at Geek of Oz HQ (a.k.a my lounge room). 

Apart from general banter we put the spotlight on comicbook movies and discuss our feelings about  the Marvel and DC cinematic Universes including our thoughts on the Suicide Squad cast photo that emerged last week. Plus we tell you how you can win some free digital comics!

Just a heads up we say shit a little bit, there’s a few sexual references and Stu and I make a joke about cocaine, so probably not suitable for children. Well unless you're a terrible parent, in that case grab the kids!

In terms of how frequently we plan on dropping new episodes, there won't be any formal release schedule or anything but ideally we hope to do 2-3 podcasts a month. 

Finally, If you have any feedback, suggestions, or just  want to send us pictures of cats doing human things then please do! I have included everyone's twitter handles and emails below for exactly this purpose.

Any way that’s enough out of me, enjoy the show!


FYI! Due to me failing at technology the podcast took longer to upload then anticipated so Chris’ Witcher 3 review (which we anticipated going up a couple of days after the podcast) is now up! You can check it out here.

Billy (@aqulec, Billy@geekofoz.com)
Read: Secret Wars #1
Watch: The flash, Arrow Agents of Shield, Chef's table
Play:  Shadows of the Empire, Bears vs. Art

                                                                Chris (@ChrisComerford3, Chris@geekofoz.com)

Read: Avengers Time Runs Out Volume 1-2
Watch: Game of Thrones, Mad men
Play: Lego Marvel super heroes , The Witcher 3

                                                               Christof (@weeklygeek, Christof@geekofoz.com)

Read: Zero volumes 1-3
Watch: The Flash, Arrow
Play: Never Alone

                                                              Stu (Stu@geekofoz.com)

Watch: Kumiko the treasure hunter, What we do in shadows, A Royal night out, Chef's table, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inside man
Play: Batman Arkham City


  1. I enjoyed the podcast. For future episodes.
    1. What would a DC vs Marvel movie look like?
    2. Superheroes that deserve great films.
    3. Retro films for modern geeks.

  2. What i liked about the show was the breakdown of the Marvel movie formula and mentioning Kumiko, Joss Whedon and DC on TV.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Mitchell, we really appreciate it, we're trying a few new things and hope you come along for the ride


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