Massive show this week. Our resident movie guy, Stu, saw like 17 films at the Sydney Film festival, we all saw Jurassic world and E3 is happening. So yeah big is kind of an understatement.

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This week's discussion topic: Better than the book

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Christof (@weeklygeek,
Read: Lumberjanes volume 1
Watch: Sense8, Jurassic World

Stu (
Read: The Martian
Watch: The Daughter, Slow west, Mr. Holmes, Dope, Victoria, Going clear, Inside out, Jurassic World

Billy (@aqualec,
Watch: E3 Bethesda announcements, Jurassic world, Orange is the new black season 3


  1. Hi Guys. I enjoyed the show, liked the riffing on tv show adaptations. I would like to see The Phantom become a TV show. I also think that Chris Pratt will be this generations Harrison Ford.

  2. I like big concepts how awesome would it be if a show did say a three season run then finished off with a series of films?

  3. That's what's been rumoured with the Dark Towers adaptation but it'd be a film between tv series


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