So this weeks a big 'un.

Yes, I am well aware we say that every time, but this episode is actually our longest yet! Plus for the first time since episode one we are back to four panellists WOOOOOO.

Joining me in the studio, and by studio I do mean my lounge room, are Stu (who is yet to miss an episode), Chris (The prodigal son of Geek of Oz) and special guest Paul Caggegi. Paul is a Sydney based comics creator, know for his sci-fi series Pandeia.

As well as dad jokes, Paul had a lot of great insights into the comics making process, visual storytelling, indie comic economics and marketing your books. Seriously this is episode is a must for all you aspiring comics creators out there!!!

You can find out more about Paul and grab PDF's of Pandeia volume one (collects issues 1-5) and Pandeia issue 6 here. Be sure to get in quick as they are currently on sale for the low-low price of just 99c!

As always we thrive on your feedback, so please let us know what you like/love/don't like/hate/super hate about the show. We want to hear from you!!!!!

Till next time!


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  • The Ritz cinema will be screening a Dragon Ball Z double feature - showing Battle of the Gods and Resurrection F back to back Thursday August 6. Tickets are just $10 per feature. For more details check out the website.
  • SMASH is on again at Rosehill gardens August 8-9. Guests include Japanese cosplayers Reika and Kaname, voice actor Noriaki Sugiyama (bleach) and blogger Danny Choo just to name a few. Plus be sure to say hi to this week's special guest Paul Caggegi who will be sketching up a storm in the artists circle. 

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  1. I'm enjoying this episode, really good tips on how to make comics and good riff on Mark Duplass. I'll keep in mind getting that comic printed from Doug Affleck.

  2. Stuff i'm interested in for future eps - Review of Armada by E.Cline, What you guys would do for a D and D movie and a review of The Death of Superman Lives.


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