This week we have the core foursome back together, and we celebrate our 10th episode!

This week we discuss the latest news, the latest trailer for that small indie film Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and Back To The Future Day (which was last week).

We then delve back to our various childhoods to discuss if the things we liked as kids have survived the passage of time and still gather some form of enjoyment today.

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This week's discussion topic: When you were young – Things you liked as a kid/ do they still hold up now?

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Billy (@Aqualec,

Read: Star Wars: Shattered Empire #4
Watch: Netflix, Pokemon
Play: Transformers: Devastation

Chris (@ChrisComerford3, 

Read: Welcome to Night Vale (Review), & A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
Watch: Scrubs
Play: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Christof (@weeklygeek, 

Read: Material (Volume 1)
Watch: The Flash (Season 2), & Arrow (Season 4)
Play: Broken Age

Stu (@stucoote, 

Read: The Bourne Identity
Watch: Burnt, & The Lobster
Play: Red Dead Redemption


  1. What didn't hold up for me? Rocky IV! Did you guys see the documentary on Marlon Brando called Listen to me Marlon ? I also didn't know the new Transformers game was out!


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