It's been a big week. We got our first taste of the Warcraft trailer, heard that there is going to be a new Star Trek series, plus we got our first look at AMC's Preacher. Also I finally figured out what that strange rash on my upper thigh was, but that's neither here nor there.

For all our thoughts on the pop-culture week that was plus what we have been reading, watching and playing get episode eleven of Read, Watch,Play! in your ears. Plus we are joined by special guest and frequent listener Mitchell Hall.

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Well that's enough out of me, enjoy!


This week's discussion topic: Spoilers!

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Christof (@weeklygeek, 

Read: Skull Kickers treasure trove volume 3
Watch: Underworld, Men in black trilogy
Play: The Witcher 3: hearts of stone DLC

Stu (@stucoote, 
Watch: Bridge of spies, Mistress America, Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse, The intern

                                                                 Mitchell (@thefountain73) 
Read: Kick Me, The ritual
Watch: The walking dead season 6
Play: WWE 2015, Back to the future part one


  1. I think in film history there are only two movie you could "spoil". The Sixth Sense and The Empire Strikes Back.


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