We're going to the movies and we want you there too!

Friends, geeks, cinephiles lend me your eyes? Pretty sure that's how that goes. Anyway, moving on, we'd like to try something we've never done before, but it'll need some help from you guys. We're looking at establishing a Geek of Oz film club; one that either meets up in person for a film or we all watch it on our Pat Malone and then come together to discuss things here on the site. Hopefully you're like me and just love discussing cinema with like-minded folk.

At this stage all I'd really like to know is if people are at all interested in a film club of sorts. We'd be aiming at catching one film a month at first to see how that goes and maybe increase depending on schedules and what not. I'd like to see this as an opportunity for people to see films they may not otherwise get a chance to see.

If we're meeting up in person I'd be aiming to do so at either Dendy Cinemas in Newtown or one of the Palace Cinemas in Sydney, given they've both provide a wide range of films to choose from.

If you have any ideas or feedback I'd love to hear from you in the comments below or email me at Stu@geekofoz.com. This is simply a way to bring film fans together in order to dive a little deeper into things we all admire.

- Stu


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