Hooray!! We've finally navigated the craziness which has been 2016. There's been tonnes of highs, some crippling lows; but most importantly we’ve had so much fun discussing films all year. Without further ado, we present our top 10 films for 2016. Please feel free to tell us in the comments below what we go right, but more importantly what we got totally wrong. We’re looking forward to 2017.

Stu's Top 10

- Embrace of the Serpent dir - Ciro Guerra
- Paterson dir - Jim Jarmusch
- Swiss Army Man dir - The Daniels
- La La Land dir - Damien Chazelle
- The Neon Demon dir - Nicolas Winding Refn
- Nocturnal Animals dir - Tom Ford
- American Honey dir - Andrea Arnold
- Everybody Wants Some!! dir - Richaird Linklater
- Hail, Caesar! dir - The Coen Brothers
- 13th dir- Ava DeVernay 

Honourable mentions:
Hell or High Water, Chevalier, Carol, Rams, Mustang, Nerve, The Vvitch, Queen of Ireland, Arrival, Rogue One, Elle and The Fits

Billy's Top 10
- Arrival dir - Dennis Villeneuve
- Rogue One dir - Gareth Edwards
- Hunt for the Wilderpeople dir - Taika Waititi
- The Queen of Ireland dir - Conor Horgan
- Deadpool dir - Tim Miller
- The Nice Guys dir - Shane Black
- The Neon Demon dir - Nicolas Winding Refn
- La La Land dir - Damien Chazelle
- High Rise dir - Ben Wheatley
- The Little Prince dir - Mark Osborne

Honourable mentions:
Sing Street, Sherpa, Captain America: Civil War, The First Monday in May, Zootopia, and The Red Turtle

(Unable to catch/or not yet released in Australia - The Handmaiden, Certain Women, Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, The Wailing, Tower, Jackie and OJ: Made in America)


  1. Glad to see The Little Prince on this list! Beautiful portrayal of a classic story


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