March at the movies

Okay, this is starting to get painful. March has been an exceptional month for cinema with Get Out The Salesman (Academy Award winning), Land of Mine, A Man Called Ove and Loving hitting theatres. Get Out has wrestled top spot away from Moonlight for now. The Lego Batman Movie has snuck into the race, mostly because it's the best Batman film since The Dark Knight.

I’d love it if you played along as the year goes on and of course if you've see any of these films and agree or disagree with their ranking please feel free to yell at me in the comments below. Check out my January and February lists too. I dare you.

- Stu

Top 10 for March:

1. Get Out
2. Moonlight
3. Land of Mine
4. Loving 
5. The Salesman 
6. Jackie
7. A Man Called Ove
8. Colossal 
9. Edge of Seventeen 
10. The Lego Batman Movie 

Films watched:

Kong: Skull Island
Beauty and the Beast
Get Out
The Salesman
A Cure For Wellness
Monsieur Chocolat 
The Eagle Huntress 
The Lego Batman Movie 
Things To Come
Farewell, My Queen (2012)
Power Rangers 
Land of Mine 
Smurfs: The Love Village 
Their Finest 
Alone in Berlin 
Ghost in the Shell
A Man Called Ove
Ghost in the Shell 


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