The Geek of Oz team firmly believe that all love is equal and we support Marriage Equality.

Many of our extended family, friends, and followers are fellow geeks and also part of the LGBTQI+ community. Sadly though in Australia, Marriage Equality is not available to the LGBTQI+ community.

Every member of the team personally feels that marriage is something that should be shared equally amongst everyone from all walks of life. The majority of Australians and many MPs in Parliament also believe this.

People know that in Australia we have values of a fair go and respect for all, and Marriage Equality is intrinsic to those values.

Around the world more than twenty countries have passed laws to allow Marriage Equality, including the United States of America, New Zealand, Canada, Germany and Great Britain. As seen in those countries, the world did not end when Marriage Equality was achieved.

If Marriage Equality is achieved in Australia, the sanctity of marriage will be fine, and the religious freedoms of people will not be taken away. Essentially if you’re a heterosexual person it won’t negatively impact your lives at all; the fear-mongering about this, seen in the Media and on Social Media, is ridiculous and unfounded.

The only thing that will change is that those in the LGBTQI+ community, your family, friends, and fellow geeks, will all have the ability to marry the person they love.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics will be conducting the upcoming Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey to determine where the Australian public stands on the issue of Marriage Equality.

Today is the last day to enrol to vote or change your details on the electoral roll; make sure your vote is counted in this important debate.

Check your enrolment here

Enrol to Vote here

You have until Midnight tonight to confirm your details, and it takes all of 5 minutes to do so. If you do one thing today, please make sure you are enrolled to have your say before it’s too late.

We look forward to the day where everyone is able to marry the person they love.


Billy, Stu, Christof and Chris
The Geek Of Oz Team


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