10 Easter Eggs tucked away in Netflix's Lost In Space

Netflix’s new science fiction extravaganza Lost In Space has been out since April 13, plenty of time for fans to binge the ten-part series.

And what they found alongside the updated adventures of the space family Robinson was a lot of surprises for those who remember the original 1960s series.

Here’s ten nods to the past hidden away by Netflix:


1: The series theme song. Listen closely and a few seconds into the credits theme the music subtly warps into the original’s (second) theme tune, written by Star Wars composer John Williams.

2: Bill Mumy pops up. Mumy, the original Will Robinson, appears in the opening episode as the real Dr Smith, laying injured in a corridor, a victim of the attack on The Resolute and uttering just one line before his identity is stolen by…

3: June Harris (played by Parker Posey), a murderous criminal desperate to escape Earth. Her character’s name is a clear nod to the original Dr Smith actor, Jonothan Harris.

4: Tam Soderquist. Spotted briefly as mechanic Don West’s partner. Tam takes her name from one of the two Robinson children in the Space Family Robinson comic book series which inspired the first series (Tam) and the actor who played the first Judy Robinson, Marta Kristen who was adopted as a child and renamed Martha Soderquist.

5: The ice planet. The new Lost In Space credits say it is based on “Lost In Space: No Place To Hide”, the 1960s series (unaired) pilot where the family crashes on an ice planet and face freezing to death… sound familiar?

6: Obviously when The Robot says “Danger, Will Robinson” he’s repeating the original Robot (named B9)’s best-known catch-cry. But keep an ear out for when Vijay (another survivor) is chatting with Penny. She asks him a question and he replies “Affirmative”. Netflix have confirmed that yep, that’s another rebooted Robotism.

7. While we’re on The Robot, keep an eye on the shelves in Will Robinson’s room. Sitting there amongst his toys is a small wind-up toy that looks a lot like B9.

8. Don West’s pet chicken is named Debbie. In the original series The Robinsons rescued a space monkey with pointy ears from the planet Priplanus who said “Bloop! Bloop!”. They named it Debbie.

9: The injured astronaut rescued by Don and Dr Smith (aka June) is named Angela Goddard. The original Penny Robinson was played by Angela Cartwright and the original Don West by Mark Goddard.

10: That scene at the end where Will has to float, untethered into space to fix a jammed door on the Jupiter 2? Yes, that was “inspired”, Netflix has confirmed, by a very similar scene from the 1960’s pilot.

And a bonus Easter Egg not from the original series but from real life. The moment Don West was blinded by anti-fogging agent in his helmet is VERY similar to an incident faced by Canadian Space Agency astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield when a drop of helmet anti-fog mixture hit his eye while he was orbiting earth.

Here’s Commander Hadfield describing the experience:

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